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Those of you who have stayed in our affiliated camp sites in Sussex, will know that they all share some similar charateristics, although each one is refreshingly different and retains their own "personality" Our aim is to introduce you to camp sites that are independent and individuall, but retain various common values.

Firstly, the sites have to be rural and unspoilt. We don't want anyone to have to look out on other houses or buildings and we do not want any of our sites to be over looked by anyone else. They have to be in beautiful unspoilt countryside, where the only thing that disturbs you will be the familar (or unfamilar) calls of the countryside.

We are not interested in providing club houses, bouncy castles or any other theme park trappings of modern life. We will offer you a beautiful location, spacious pitches and minimal services.

Some of the sites have hot water, but the majority veer towards wilder camping, where modern comforts take a back seat to striving for a rural idyll. Our sites tend to be quite remote, which also means that there is often no electricity. Long may that last!

We do however insist that everyone can have a camp fire if they wish. Insurance regulations, the dreaded 'ealth 'n safety lobby and various other killjoys all wrinkle their noses in disgust. But we beleive that it is everyones right and expectation that they should do so if they wish.

We know that the vast majority of you appreciate that we don't want you stripping our local woods bare and we do insist that wood for fires are bought from us. Firstly, it is from a bona fide, sustainable and renewable source. Secondly, our rather belligerent attitude costs each campsite money in terms of higher insurance premiums as well as greater land management issues.

We absolutely love children, but recognise that many of you visit us to get away from it all. On that basis, we tend to designate different areas of the camping ground towards the different likely needs of our campers. For example, families with small children tend to concentrate closer to the centre of the camping ground where the amenities are easy to get to. This has various advantages. Parents can relax in the knowledge that anyone close will not mind the pitter patter of running feet. The children love it because it is so easy for them to make friends.

Those without children can choose to stay in a more secluded area, equally safe in the knowledge that they can enjoy their beauty sleep, without the threat of being woken at some ungodly hour of the morning.

We also tend to put any small group of friends in another secluded area. Although we operate very strict policy on excessive noise, we appreciate that not everyone wants to be surrounded by children or by loving couples (young or older!). On that basis, they too can visit in the knowledge that their requirements are likely to be met.

Our aim is to share and enjoy this beautiful piece of England with our visitors, helping them to enjoy and appreciate the fauna, flora and wildlife, as well as just having a great time.

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